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The Long Island Home Inspection Pros have proven to be one of the greatest brands in their industry. This organization has carted most of the awards in various categories, and they have been stepping into new horizons without end. It is safe to call them one of the best home inspectors in the Long Island, NY area. Among the things that make them tick is their humanitarian projects that have been the word on the lips of every Long Island home inspector. It is stated that they have given a sizeable donation to LIU and several Long Island charities. Also, the company has continued to groom leaders through its robust student internship program. Few companies have created a culture of excellence like this amazing organization.

Home Inspection PhotosIt was a tremendous honor when we were called to handle a photo shoot for this Long Island home inspection company. The details of the shoot were captured in the mail that was sent to our PR executive. One of the things that they requested is that we visit some of the recent projects that they have handled. They wanted to show how their service has helped to change the lives of many individuals. This request came as a surprise because we did not expect this company to go the extra mile to show how they deeply care for their clients. However, we are professionals, so we did not want to turn down the request.

As we arrived at the first location for the photo shoot, we were impressed by the story the homeowner told us about Long Island Home Inspection Pros. He shared his concerns about the home and how they helped him make an informed decision. We told the homeowner that we were working on an album that showed how this company was changing lives. The man was so excited to be part of the record, and he took us around the house to take various shots. We worked on a dozen projects handled by this organization before we were taken to their office.

Home Inspection group photo by Sadler ShotsThe Staff at the reception was very friendly and offered to take us around their facility. We took various shots of their equipment, meeting room, store, CEO’s office and so much more. Wle were able to feel the energy that radiated from the staff as they talked about the things that make their company unique. They shared about the challenges that they face in the home inspections Long Island market. However, the degree of success that they achieved could be tied to the dynamic leadership of their CEO.

The final phase of the photo shoot led us to meet with the CEO. We took photographs of his office, his library and other items that help him drive the company’s vision. He told us that he was impressed with our job and promised to invite us for his 25th wedding anniversary. At the end of the session, we could not hold our feelings about the way the company was excellently run. The CEO thanked us for our comments and said that the goal of his organization is to remain the number one firm in Long Island.

Long Island Home Inspection Pros
48 Columbine Ave N, Hampton Bays, NY 11946
(631) 202-0012