Our Photoshoot with the Emergency Plumbing Squad of New York

When a company has a larger than life image, it can be quite exciting to uncover what makes them tick. We were privileged to serve the emergency plumber New York City, and its environs have come to trust for many years. This is a watershed in our company’s history, and it served as a unique opportunity to work closely with these professionals. As we stepped into the office of the Emergency Plumbing Squad of New York, it was evident that this company stood for excellence. The flowers at the entrance were well trimmed, the staff was dressed in a neat uniform, all the equipment were looking prime, and everything was well organized. We quickly brought out our cameras and began to take shots of the environment.

Picture of Bob The PlumberWe wanted to create a behind-the-scene collection that will serve as a prelude to the photo shoot. Our discoveries showed that there was so much to capture about the environment in which this company was situated. After about 15 minutes of taking different photographs, we were ushered into a waiting room where we were to meet the company’s PR Manager. It did not take long before he came into the room and told us what the company expects from us. He said that they wanted to create a highly responsive website that will touch base with their clients. One of the ways in which they intend to achieve this is by filling the site with different photographs.

He gave us permission to take any shot that we felt would adequately represent their brand. We were excited at this license that has been paid to us to use our initiative in handling the photo shoot. The first thing we did was to go to the area where most of their staff converge. We took photographs as they discussed the various plumbing projects that they were to handle and we covered the briefs that the leader of the team shared with the staff. Our next port of call was to look at the store where most of the company’s equipment were kept. We covered all the tools that were placed in that zone, and we were quite impressed with the investments that this company made in this area.

One of the staff offered to show us a room that had the details of the various projects that they have handled. One of them was the fixing of the pipes at a major 5-star hotel in the area. We took photographs of the staff, the documents and other archives that captured the track record of this organization. The CEO offered to have an interview with a local TV presenter, so we took the opportunity to create our record of the event. We took shots as the TV crew set up their equipment, and we covered the interview session.

The CEO made many critical statements, but one of the things he said that struck us is that his company is determined to be the best emergency plumbers in the US. He itemized the various strategies that they have put in place to achieve this goal. Many of his quotes were later published on the company’s website as Words on Marble. Our photo shoot led us to take pictures of the vehicles that the company had in their fleet. It was not surprising to note that they were voted as one of the most proactive businesses in NYC. They had what it takes to meet the needs of their clients with precision.

During the final leg of the photoshoot, we decided to give each staff a personal shot. Each of the personnel was excited as they took turns to be part of this free session. We promised to send them the photographs in a forth-night, and this was our way of saying Thank you for their hospitality. At the end of this session, the PR Manager thanked us for going beyond the scope of the job given to us to ensure that they are satisfied. He promised to invite us to cover the company’s gala night that was billed to hold in the latter part of the year.

Each moment that we spent at this organization reminded me that any career that one thoroughly pursues with the whole of their heart is bound to bloom.

Emergency Plumbing Squad
472 Lafayette Ave Apt 1F Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 635-1696