Walk in Dentist Near Me Operation: Trendy Photoshoot

We have handled numerous jobs that are quite challenging but full of intrigue. However, few match the recent experience we had at the walk in dental clinic near me. This photo shoot went beyond the conventional pictures as we were tasked with taking shots of a patient all through his treatment process. Unlike most of the jobs that we do, this project covered a span of 2 weeks. The essence of the job was that the owner of the dental practice wanted to use pictures to tell a story about what their brand stands for. It is vital to state that this is a rarity in the dental niche but we were able to pull off a great degree of success.

Dental Photos by Sadler ShotsThe first day of the project had us getting acquainted with the core service that the organization offers. We were shown some of the patients which they wanted us to cover. It was beyond the normal photo coverage as we were tasked with taking pictures of the patients even when they were at home. The concept was to show that a dentist can be part of your world and help to bring you joy in many unique ways. We took photographs of the dentists when they were going through their routine check-ups for patients. We snapped the equipment in practice and, we did a photo tour of every aspect of the administrative building.

The second day was when we began to track the treatment process of some patients. We wanted to fully paint the image of what happens before and after anyone comes in contact with this great dental practice. We pictured a teenager who wanted to fill his tooth; we took shots of the hole in his tooth. Due the period of initial interaction with the dentist, we covered the exercise, and we were permitted to track the patient’s eating habit. The pictures showed how he moved from taking semi-solid food to eating solid food. The pictures were taken beyond the four walls of the dental office.

Something is amazing that occurred during this recent exercise. We noticed that some families approached us to take their photographs with the 24 hour dentist they liked best. They wanted a family picture that showed how they had bonded with this dental practice. We obliged and promised to use the images to showcase the number of satisfied patients. Everything fell into place as we were able to blend an out-of-the-box concept with the primary coverage of the dental practice. The CEO told us that the exercise was an experiment which he hoped will strike the right chord in the heart of his patients.

When we fully processed the pictures, and they were hosted on the company’s website, many of the patients attested to the professionalism that made the images sublime. We were proud to be part of a success story that not only showcased our expertise but helped people to feel the vibes of a unique dental practice. It is pertinent to mention that based on the success of this exercise, the dental practice has asked us to come for another photo shoot with a new theme in a few months.

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