Photo Shoot With Kentucky Home Inspection Companies

The beauty of meeting great minds and interacting with dynamic organizations remains one of the best things that can happen in the life of a photographer. We had a recent photo shoot with a home inspector in Louisville that filled us with delicious memories. One of the things that make each shoot unique is that the behind-the-scene experience differs and this helps to add color to what we do. When we got a request from some Kentucky Home Inspection Companies to handle their photo shoot, we were quite excited. This is because each of the projects will test our ability to navigate various obstacles to provide a good job.

Louisville, Kentucky Home Inspection ServicesThe first company that we visited wanted us to work with them on a project that they were carrying out at the city center. The aim of their photo shoot was to show the world about their expertise in handling large jobs. We took the core drill classes that opened us to the things that we are to expect. Our mind was full of the different contexts that we will have to capture to do justice to this project. We arrived at the project site and immediately got to work. We took a shot of the home inspectors as they were going through the building. We noticed that they took their time in carrying out their job and this left an excellent impression in our hearts.

After we had concluded working with the first company, we scheduled photo shoots with the other home inspection organizations for the next five days. In one of the companies, our focus was to capture the various tools they use in carrying out their job. The focus was to help people understand that they have the best equipment in the area. In a sense, this work looks like the easiest on paper, but it proved to be one of the most demanding jobs that we carried out. We had to capture various equipment in different positions, and we highlighted the things that made each tool unique. In the end, were able to get a full view of all their tools which we will use to collate their physical and online album.

Home InspectionAnother Louisville company that requested a photo shoot told us that we are free to use our creative minds. The freedom this company gave us made it be one of the most interesting jobs that we handled. We covered their project sites, their facilities, their equipment, the staff and other things which we deemed to be relevant to their brand. It was fun, and we did not know that we had spent so much time at this company. We were surprised when the staff told us that they were going for a lunch break. It dawned on us that it was time to call it a day at this fantastic company.

In line with our company’s vision, we will continue to tell the stories of various brands with very powerful images. Our desire is to be the photographer of choice for everyone in the US!