Photo Shoot For Handyman Company in Mobile, Alabama

The joy of doing what you love cannot be compared to any other experience in the world. I was recently contracted by a Mobile handyman company to cover their award night. I did not see it as something special because I assumed that there was nothing much to cheer as a Handyman. In retrospect, I am glad that I was at the event because I learned so many things which were so new to me. I discovered that this company hired only technical graduates to work in their organization. I found out that they have a robust customer service team that can match any company in Alabama.

Our favorite handymanMy photo shoot began with a group photograph of the company executives. I also took shots of each staff because the company wanted to celebrate each of their members on its website. I took pictures of the preparation that went into the awards night, and I covered the rudiments of how the Handyman company runs its operations. Most of my shots were focused on the PR Manager who was at the heart of planning the event and ensuring that everything went according to plan. He told me that before the event kicks off, he will take me to some sites where they had executed various projects.

I was a bit inquisitive, so I decided to ask the CEO how he managed to grow a reasonably large Handyman company. He smiled and told me that he would share his secrets after the award night. It was not long before evening, so I took the time to snap the various equipment they use in the company. During the award night, I noticed that the staff was well dressed, and everyone looked very professional. My interactions with some of them showed that they were passionate about their job. My findings revealed that the company paid them various bonuses beyond their salary depending on their performance.

I took photographs when presentations were made to the most diligent staff, the most customer service-oriented staff, etc. It was like a family reunion because everyone celebrated the success of the other team members. I could not wait for the award night to be over to hear the CEO’s business secret. The event ran deep into the evening and I was able to take dozens of photographs. When I numbered the shots, it totaled 78 pictures depicting various aspects of the company.

The next day, the CEO invited me to his office and told me that he ensured that each staff was treated as a part owner of his business. He said that most of those who worked for him had run independent businesses but decided to collaborate with him since they had nothing to lose. He said he was devoted to his staff and was always available to help them whenever they were going through personal issues. He said that the love, unity, and peace he experienced in his company were something that he consciously built. I took photographs in his office after the discussion and promised to send them their album in a few days.