Our Shoot With The 2 Leading Electrician in Northern California

We have consistently enjoyed high patronage from some of the leading electrical firms in California. However, our recent photo shoot for two electrical organizations left us with many sweet memories. We understand there are different types of electrician Sacramento CA businesses, but we have been fortunate to work with the best brands. During the preliminary meeting held to discuss the details of the photoshoot, one of the company’s executive was told a few reasons why we were hired for the job. They said that the quality of our pictures and the professionalism that we put into what we do was hard to find among other photographers. They gave us a contract to be their official photographers for two years.

Ironically, the way we got this job is simply a miracle. The CEO of Sadler Shots wanted to hire a Sacramento electrician that will help us work on a new building that we just purchased. He combed the internet to find the best hands, and he stumbled on a company in Northern California. The call proved to be timely as the organization said they had wanted to reach us to carry out a photo shoot at their site. As fate would have it, the discussions revealed that they had also done research about our company. This led to the conclusion that we will be the only photographers that will cover any of their group events.

On the first day of the photo shoot, we covered an induction program where one of the technicians was addressing their new intakes about what is expected of a certified electrician. He shared some of the challenges that they will face in the course of carrying out their job. We took shots of the class and other aspects of the company’s operation. One of the highlights was the customer service personnel who handled all the inquiries that people make about the electrical organization. He was professional and had a good grasp about all the services that the company rendered.

The second day, we had to visit another leading electrical firm in North California that had hired us. We took photographs of the staff meeting, and we were quite interested in their topic of discussion. They talked about the difference between their brand and the local electrician in Northern California. One of the remarkable statements that they made is that the hours of training that the company gave to its personnel cannot be matched by the competition. We took shots of the CEO, the staff and various equipment that they used in carrying out their operations.

At the end of the exercise, we had so many films that we decided to create a photo book that talks about the operations of electrical companies. The organizations that we served were quite impressed with our professional approach, and they promised to send referrals to our business. As we traveled back to our base, it dawned on us that we were gradually becoming a unyielding regional brand. This is in line with our desire to become a national photography service company that is leading every other business in our field.