Our Photo Shoot with Bathroom Remodeling Company in Long Island, NY

A public bathroom remodel company in Long Island, NY recently contacted us to conduct their photo shoot. As a rule, we do not work for any company unless we carry out some research about the organization. Our PR manager was told to go to the web and research – visit Bathroom Remodeling Long Island online. He was a bit surprised at this request, but our CEO stated that he wanted to know how the company ranked on Google. We were quite elated when the PR manager shared his findings during our next meeting. He said that the corporation enjoyed many positive reviews and that he believes that it will be a great experience for us to serve them.

A picture of a remodeling contractor working in a bathroomThis report lifted our spirits, and we knew that we were in for the best of times. As we arrived at the office of this bathroom remodel company that can be compared in size to rebath, we were quickly ushered to their customer service section. We noticed how these professionals took calls and told their clients about the services that they offer. Everything was done in a very organized way, and we were quite impressed. We took shots of the Customer service personnel and covered the different areas in their section. The pictures caught the attention of the CEO as he noticed that we were given to details in all that we do.

Our next stop was the visit to the meeting room where the company’s personnel rubbed minds about the best way to handle a client’s brief. We took pictures of the conference room and the white board that had different technical drawings. We noticed that there was some staff in the chamber that was planning to handle a major bathroom remodel job for a hotel. We took pictures of the drawings and covered their meeting with our photograph. We asked them for permission to go to the site of the hotel where they intend to work, and they obliged. Our team was in awe as the various areas of the hotel were measured, and there was no doubt that these men had a mastery of their job. They talked with the hotel management and agreed to commence work the next day.

As our bus arrived at the bathroom remodel the office, we headed to the CEO’s office. Our lenses were quite busy as there was so much to cover in this expansive room. We took shots of the numerous awards that the company had won, the various tools that they use in serving their customers and so many other interesting items. We ensured that anyone who looks at the photograph would have a firsthand feel of what it takes to be in the CEO’s office. At the end of the session, we decided to take random photographs that will help to show the behind-the-scene happenings in the organization.

The experience at this company was full of precious memories. The professionalism and their approach in serving their customers are simply one of the best that anyone can find in the US. We believe that this company has what it takes to lead their industry for many seasons.