Sadler Shots Covers Famous Wichita Movers

Sadler Shots recently had a photo shoot with the notable movers of Wichita appropriately named Moving Company Wichita KS. This project brought out the expertise of our team because it involved lots of movement! We were invited to be part of a particular job that required the company to move the belongings of a family from one State to another. The first photo session involved that staff of the Moving Company as they discussed the project at hand. We covered the various team meetings and how they dialogued about moving the belongings of their client. Each of the shots showed that the company was fully on top of their game as they looked at the various angles to equitably carry out the project.

Photo of two movers from Wichita, KansasThe next stop was to go to the house of the clients. We took photos of the outside, the inner parts of the building and the environment. The essence of these photographs was to capture the before and after effects of the moving exercise. We took shots of the various areas in the house and took some shots while the properties were being moved. We followed up with photographs that showed the men moving the capital into their van. The concept of the photo shoot was to show the world what goes into every moving exercise. Also, we offered to give the family a photograph that will help them to keep the memories of the day they moved to a new location.

Among the Wichita moving companies that we have served, this group showed a high level of professionalism. They took the time to understand what the family wants fully, and they went the extra mile to ensure that they delivered. It was not surprising to note that the family was so excited because this company took the stress out of the moving process. Also, the decent rates that they charged the family added as an advantage to the leading place they already enjoyed in the heart of their clients. Another dimension of the photo shoot was to capture the belongings being arranged in the new home of the clients.

Family moves to WIchitaAs top line apartment movers in Wichita, KS, they organized the property with speed. It was not long before the new space started wearing a brand new look. We took photographs of the team as they arranged the property in the area. We took shots of the home after it was fully organized. This project proved to be kind of interesting because we learned so many things about how moving companies operate. The CEO of the Moving Company told us that he would like the pictures to be used on their business’s website. We agreed to do some clean finishing to the pictures before sending it to him.

We were so grateful that the Moving Company trusted our brand and gave us such a massive project to handle. Each phase of the job helped us to understand that it takes so much detail to get a moving project completed. As we are about taking a new job that will cover another moving company, we know that this experience will always come in handy.

Our Photo Shoot with Bathroom Remodeling Company in Long Island, NY

A public bathroom remodel company in Long Island, NY recently contacted us to conduct their photo shoot. As a rule, we do not work for any company unless we carry out some research about the organization. Our PR manager was told to go to the web and research – visit Bathroom Remodeling Long Island online. He was a bit surprised at this request, but our CEO stated that he wanted to know how the company ranked on Google. We were quite elated when the PR manager shared his findings during our next meeting. He said that the corporation enjoyed many positive reviews and that he believes that it will be a great experience for us to serve them.

A picture of a remodeling contractor working in a bathroomThis report lifted our spirits, and we knew that we were in for the best of times. As we arrived at the office of this bathroom remodel company that can be compared in size to rebath, we were quickly ushered to their customer service section. We noticed how these professionals took calls and told their clients about the services that they offer. Everything was done in a very organized way, and we were quite impressed. We took shots of the Customer service personnel and covered the different areas in their section. The pictures caught the attention of the CEO as he noticed that we were given to details in all that we do.

Our next stop was the visit to the meeting room where the company’s personnel rubbed minds about the best way to handle a client’s brief. We took pictures of the conference room and the white board that had different technical drawings. We noticed that there was some staff in the chamber that was planning to handle a major bathroom remodel job for a hotel. We took pictures of the drawings and covered their meeting with our photograph. We asked them for permission to go to the site of the hotel where they intend to work, and they obliged. Our team was in awe as the various areas of the hotel were measured, and there was no doubt that these men had a mastery of their job. They talked with the hotel management and agreed to commence work the next day.

As our bus arrived at the bathroom remodel the office, we headed to the CEO’s office. Our lenses were quite busy as there was so much to cover in this expansive room. We took shots of the numerous awards that the company had won, the various tools that they use in serving their customers and so many other interesting items. We ensured that anyone who looks at the photograph would have a firsthand feel of what it takes to be in the CEO’s office. At the end of the session, we decided to take random photographs that will help to show the behind-the-scene happenings in the organization.

The experience at this company was full of precious memories. The professionalism and their approach in serving their customers are simply one of the best that anyone can find in the US. We believe that this company has what it takes to lead their industry for many seasons.

Photo Shoot With Kentucky Home Inspection Companies

The beauty of meeting great minds and interacting with dynamic organizations remains one of the best things that can happen in the life of a photographer. We had a recent photo shoot with a home inspector in Louisville that filled us with delicious memories. One of the things that make each shoot unique is that the behind-the-scene experience differs and this helps to add color to what we do. When we got a request from some Kentucky Home Inspection Companies to handle their photo shoot, we were quite excited. This is because each of the projects will test our ability to navigate various obstacles to provide a good job.

Louisville, Kentucky Home Inspection ServicesThe first company that we visited wanted us to work with them on a project that they were carrying out at the city center. The aim of their photo shoot was to show the world about their expertise in handling large jobs. We took the core drill classes that opened us to the things that we are to expect. Our mind was full of the different contexts that we will have to capture to do justice to this project. We arrived at the project site and immediately got to work. We took a shot of the home inspectors as they were going through the building. We noticed that they took their time in carrying out their job and this left an excellent impression in our hearts.

After we had concluded working with the first company, we scheduled photo shoots with the other home inspection organizations for the next five days. In one of the companies, our focus was to capture the various tools they use in carrying out their job. The focus was to help people understand that they have the best equipment in the area. In a sense, this work looks like the easiest on paper, but it proved to be one of the most demanding jobs that we carried out. We had to capture various equipment in different positions, and we highlighted the things that made each tool unique. In the end, were able to get a full view of all their tools which we will use to collate their physical and online album.

Home InspectionAnother Louisville company that requested a photo shoot told us that we are free to use our creative minds. The freedom this company gave us made it be one of the most interesting jobs that we handled. We covered their project sites, their facilities, their equipment, the staff and other things which we deemed to be relevant to their brand. It was fun, and we did not know that we had spent so much time at this company. We were surprised when the staff told us that they were going for a lunch break. It dawned on us that it was time to call it a day at this fantastic company.

In line with our company’s vision, we will continue to tell the stories of various brands with very powerful images. Our desire is to be the photographer of choice for everyone in the US!

Unique Images and Resounding Experiences

The Long Island Home Inspection Pros have proven to be one of the greatest brands in their industry. This organization has carted most of the awards in various categories, and they have been stepping into new horizons without end. It is safe to call them one of the best home inspectors in the Long Island, NY area. Among the things that make them tick is their humanitarian projects that have been the word on the lips of every Long Island home inspector. It is stated that they have given a sizeable donation to LIU and several Long Island charities. Also, the company has continued to groom leaders through its robust student internship program. Few companies have created a culture of excellence like this amazing organization.

Home Inspection PhotosIt was a tremendous honor when we were called to handle a photo shoot for this Long Island home inspection company. The details of the shoot were captured in the mail that was sent to our PR executive. One of the things that they requested is that we visit some of the recent projects that they have handled. They wanted to show how their service has helped to change the lives of many individuals. This request came as a surprise because we did not expect this company to go the extra mile to show how they deeply care for their clients. However, we are professionals, so we did not want to turn down the request.

As we arrived at the first location for the photo shoot, we were impressed by the story the homeowner told us about Long Island Home Inspection Pros. He shared his concerns about the home and how they helped him make an informed decision. We told the homeowner that we were working on an album that showed how this company was changing lives. The man was so excited to be part of the record, and he took us around the house to take various shots. We worked on a dozen projects handled by this organization before we were taken to their office.

Home Inspection group photo by Sadler ShotsThe Staff at the reception was very friendly and offered to take us around their facility. We took various shots of their equipment, meeting room, store, CEO’s office and so much more. Wle were able to feel the energy that radiated from the staff as they talked about the things that make their company unique. They shared about the challenges that they face in the home inspections Long Island market. However, the degree of success that they achieved could be tied to the dynamic leadership of their CEO.

The final phase of the photo shoot led us to meet with the CEO. We took photographs of his office, his library and other items that help him drive the company’s vision. He told us that he was impressed with our job and promised to invite us for his 25th wedding anniversary. At the end of the session, we could not hold our feelings about the way the company was excellently run. The CEO thanked us for our comments and said that the goal of his organization is to remain the number one firm in Long Island.

Long Island Home Inspection Pros
48 Columbine Ave N, Hampton Bays, NY 11946
(631) 202-0012