Recent Photo Shoot with The Lincoln Emergency Dental Pros

One of the joys of being a photographer is that you get to visit enchanting locations and meet amazing people. I cannot forget the dynamic experience I had when I visited an emergency dentist Lincoln NE office. The staff was so friendly, and they were open to address any concerns that I had. I thought that their free disposition was based on the fact that I was to carry out a photo shoot at their office, but I noticed that it was the same experience for every patient that walked into their office. My contract with the Lincoln Emergency Dental Pros was to cover their staff, office, treatment procedures and some of their patients. I was excited at the prospect of working with a great brand that was positively changing the face of the dental industry.

Emergency Dental Pros - Dr. MbongiMy first port of call was to visit the office of the first dentist and ask about their daily work schedule. I wanted to compare their operations with a 24 hour dentist near me. I noticed that this company was full of class because they ran a very organized system. The lead dentist told me that when the staff resume for work, they were given a little time to prepare mentally for the job ahead. They did not believe that people should rush into any assignment without having a full understanding of what each patient expects. I quickly took my camera and went out to capture shots of the personnel in the dentistry as they arrived for work.

I noticed that there was a glow on their faces as this appeared to be something they love to do. I capture the staff as they clocked in the time in which they arrived at work. I noticed that most of them had a motivational book that they were reading. I got a bit curious and entered into a conversation with one of them. He told me that they had a culture of reading books that keep them inspired. He said that the lead dentist employed people who understood that their work could determine the outcome of someone else’s life. They were always primed to deliver with precision, and this is possible when they are in the right state of mind.

As the Staff converged to get the brief of their daily schedule, I took photographs and captured each moment. The meeting talked about some very technical terms which I was unable to understand. However, I noticed that the lead dentist used a diagram on board to explain everything he was trying to pass across to his staff. It was evident that this organization valued the lines of communication that exist across the board. No one was left out of the meeting as I noticed that the non-medical staff made contributions when it came to addressing some administrative issues in the organization. I covered the different team that stood up to meet their colleagues, and the experience was quite amazing.

I went round the building to cover all the equipment in the facility. Each of the tools was up to date, and it was evident that this dental practice had recently acquired new operating resources. I saw a big x-ray machine that was used for patients who were involved in an accident. I noticed that each of the systems was designed to work with the touch of a button. The Turnaround Time at which every patient was attended to was quite amazing. Each of the staff showed a high level of professionalism as they talked to patients about different dental challenges.

I took photographs of the environment, and I could see that the trees and flowers were well nourished. Everything about this dental practice reflected excellence. I walked through the lot and noticed that the Car park was well outlined to accommodate up to 50 vehicles. My Camera was kept busy as I had loads of exposures that covered the Staff, the patients, the building, the equipment and the environment that surrounded the dental practice. At the end of the photo shoot, I told the Lead dentist that I was quite impressed with the level of service that they offered to their patients. He said that he is glad to hear my honest feedback and promised that the next time I come for a photo shoot; there will be greater improvements in their service level.